Parallel Plaids – Leading Uniform Manufacturer and Suppliers

We are one of the leading uniform manufacturers in Mumbai India. We have been manufacturing and providing quality uniforms to satisfied customers in and across India over the past 40 years. We produce high quality products and sell with no middlemen margins so you know you are getting great value for money. We consistently work towards our goal of being the best uniform suppliers by creating a win-win platform for customers and suppliers together. Whether in Mumbai or elsewhere, we are always there to serve your Uniform needs.  

Parallel Plaids is a uniform manufacturer, uniform supplier and wholesaler. It provides an elite and diverse assortment of qualitative uniforms across industries like Education, Corporate, Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation, Industrial and Housekeeping. As experts we understand the importance of uniforms in Branding. We are a leading uniform manufacturer of specialized corporate clothing and workwear garments in and across India. We pride ourselves in delivering top quality goods in the fastest possible time at the best available price. We have an extensive range of clothing to suit each individual company's needs. We acknowledge the changing demographics of our country and work accordingly hence meeting the criteria in all aspects and at the same time adding value to you as an esteemed client. Our company reputation has been built on respecting and valuing our customers and consistently exceeding supply expectations. Our aim is to bring about a portfolio of quality uniforms to reflect our client’s vision. We are clothing manufacturers, specializing in the manufacture of quality men’s, women’s and children’s uniform clothing in Mumbai. We specialize in suiting the customer’s specific needs.  


We are a supplier of high quality uniforms based in Mumbai, India. We have been supplying the highest quality products and services to schools, healthcare, restaurants, hospitality industries and more since many years. We’re proud that our uniforms are exclusively “Made in India”. Rather than following the trend to manufacture uniform overseas, we make them right here so that we control the quality and pace of production to guarantees the deliveries are made on time. And though we manufacture our garments in India it doesn’t limit us to export overseas. We are a family owned business that focuses exclusively on manufacturing and distributing uniforms.  

Parallel Plaids is proud of service and commitment to the uniform and custom embroidery industry. Initially servicing Mumbai, we have now expanded our distribution network to include all over India.  

If you are looking for an affordable uniform manufacturers in Mumbai, India feel free to write us at or call us on 9833568905 / 9892467317.